Services: Overview

Alpha Omega Christian Counseling PC is dedicated to providing you with the specialized treatment you need. We take a comprehensive mindset in regards to healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our staff Psychiatrist and fully licensed Counselors treat a variety of issues through outpatient clinical service. Outpatient clinical service typically includes the following:

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental disorders primarily through the use of medication.

Initial Session: 45 minutes

Follow Up Sessions: 15-20 minutes*, usually every 2-6 months

Treatment: Medication Management

*Longer sessions are available upon request.

Counseling Services

Counselors work with individuals, couples, or families to work through a variety of difficult situations and emotions. There are several different approaches to counseling and we have therapists who specialize in a variety of areas. Please call 314-849-2120 to be connected with a counselor that best fits your needs.

Initial Session: 45-50 minutes

Follow Up Sessions: 45 or 60 minutes*, usually weekly

Treatment: Therapy, Non-Psychological Assessments

*Longer sessions are available upon request.